The CICONIA foundation does not hold any noteable equity capital, but primarily mediates between sponsors and projects.


To sponsors and patrons


CICONIA guarantees the purposeful and efficient utiliziation of the available financial resources according to the sponsors’ intentions. It is the responsibility of the project coordinator and the administrative office to ensure the appropriate usage by placing an emphasis on project support and on-site supervision. In order to minimize administrative expenses, CICONIA’s structure is kept slim and work is partially completed on a voluntary basis or with reduced hourly rates.

CICONIA representatives would be happy to introduce the projects to you personally. Sponsors have the opportunity to support a specific project of their choice and may schedule a guided visit to the project site.



Bank Account CICONIA foundation
IBAN: LI37 0880 5502 9681 1001 4 (CHF)
IBAN: LI53 0880 5502 9681 1001 7 (€)



Project proposals and submissions


Project proposals may be submitted upon consultation with the project coordinator Reto Zingg or the administrative office. Projects located in CICONIA’s main focus regions (Spain, alpine Rhine valley, and Eastern Central European states like Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and Ukraine) are preferably supported. The project should comply with CICONIA’s objectives and involve the stork species or their habitat conservation. In-house contribution should cover a signifcant part of the project effort and long-term collaboration among project partners is desired. Projects of local NGOs and nature conservation organizations will be preferenetially considered.

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CICONIA Foundation

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