CICONIA is a charitable foundation based on the law of Liechtenstein

Founding of CICONIA in 1997

Thanks to successful reintroduction efforts by the Rhine Valley Stork Association (Verein Rheintaler Storch), White Storks bred for the first time again since 1923 in the Rhine valley near Kriessern in 1995. As a result of this achievement, CICONIA the transnational stork project Europe-Africa was founded in Schaan (Liechtenstein) in 1997. The stork is the symbol and logo of CICONIA. 

CICONIA acts as intermediary and initiator

CICONIA primarily mediates between sponsors/patrons and projects. The organizational structure is kept to a minimum to optimize the cost-benefit ratio. CICONIA works mostly on a strategic-conceptual level, providing scientific advice, conceptual support to projects, and transfer of knowledge. Local partners implement the projects on-site, often with the assistance of other internationally operating conservation organizations.

CICONIA guarantees the efficient utilization of the available financial resources and thus places much emphasis on project support and on-site supervision.

Significant achievements

Numerous accomplishments mark CICONIA’s 13 year history, such as the first successful breeding attempt of wild White Storks in Liechtenstein in 2007. The fledged young were the first in Liechtenstein after 100 years. Additionally, valuable biotopes were preserved or newly created in many of the project areas. Furthermore, the environmental education project is very well received.

CICONIA’s work is progressively drawing more attention to its projects in every region. In 2007, the Hungarian government awarded the CICONIA foundation the Pro Natura-Medal in gold, the highest governmental distinction for nature conservation. The presentation of a Binding-Preis award made 2012 a special year for CICONIA. The Binding-Preis for nature conservation is considered one of the most important conservation awards in the german speaking region.

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CICONIA Foundation

Im Bretscha 22
Phone: +423 232 48 19

FL - 9494 Schaan
Fax: +423 233 28 19


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Activities of the last years

Activity report 2012 (3.5MB)

Activity report 2001-2009 (3.49MB)


The members of the foundation board of the CICONIA foundation accept the Binding-Preis  award 2012.